Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fables - The Great Crossover

For the past two years, I have been reading the comic book series Fables, which I highly recommend.  If you enjoy the television show Once Upon A Time, you'll find some similarities in both story worlds. I just finished reading "The Great Crossover" (Volume 13) and was amazed of Willingham et al's. creative fusion of literary subjects in these 9 issues. The story basically centers on Kevin Thorn aka "The Storymaker" who wants to re-write the universe with his magic pen. To do this, he draws upon the "genres," which are played be characters, such as western, blockbuster, comedy, noir, and science-fiction. The Fables team, with the help of "The Literals," to try to stop Thorn before he re-writes them out of existence!  This was a fun and engrossing read.  In fact, if you plan to read Fables, I suggest starting at the beginning.  Another gem from Vertigo comics.

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